Shaun Leslie Turriff Himself

An experienced writer and researcher, Shaun Leslie Turriff hopes to leave behind a legacy—a body of written work, be it articles, reports, short stories, novels, obituaries, academic books, reviews or take out menus—filled, perhaps, with wit, excitement, les mots justes, and a small truth here or there.

I offer freelance writing of all kinds, ghostwriting, and editing services. I have experience in the forest products industry, the pulp and paper industry, food writing, restaurant industry, academia and higher education, religion, history, and literature.

The header photo is a snapshot of my very first published piece, a short about bears published when I was very young. The error I blame on the typesetter at the local paper, the subject I blame on an unconscious love for the genus Ursus.

The Winter House refers to my family home located in Métis-sur-Mer on the banks of le flueve St. Laurent. Built over the course of 15 years by my father, working by himself and with the help of his brothers and friends, I watched the Winter House grow as I myself grew. Intended in part as a summer residence, the Winter House refers to the cold winds that come off the bay from the north during the winter months. That, and all the good names for houses, like Bayside or Riverview, were already taken.